B2B Discounted Repair Services


Wires Computing offers discounted Business to Business (B2B) rates which are typically on average 45% off retail prices to facilitate customer repairs.

While we encourage B2B services, we generally hold repair shops to a higher standard than end-user mail-ins and as such in order to provide discounted rates we work with the following guidelines:

  • Providing the bare motherboard only when possible
  • Passwords for any mobile devices
  • Disclose any previous repairs
  • Repair shops assume all support for end customer
  • Pre-diagnosed the issue to be a board level problem
  • Including ticket number with shipment
  • Not disclosing our contact information to customer
  • Assume all responsibility for disassembly and reassembly
  • Timely payments of open invoices after repair
  • Utilizing the status page for repairs

I understand the above requirements for B2B prices.