Micro USB Charger Port Repairs

Do you have a tablet, phone or other mobile device that needs a charger port repaired?

Wires Computing is proud to offer soldering services which covers broken, or defective charger ports for many devices.


Often times on many devices over time the charger port gets loose and wiggles due to the stress put on the micro solder joints. This can cause many issues with charging your device or trying to plug it into the computer to access data.


Micro soldering repairs


Often times the charger ports can be resoldered onto the circuit board after dissassembly. This type of repair requires micro soldering

If you need this type of repair for your device give us a call and we can take care of it for you. Often we have most common ports and parts in stock and repairs are done within 1-3 business days. If you are not located within local access to our repair shop you may also send in your device for repair.


Wires Computing

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DJI Phantom Drone Repairs

A tale of the phantom 3 drone repair...

First it came in as a broken camera. Which is typical for a phantom 3 after a crash, but after replacing the camera it kept beeping as if it were doing a firmware update. During the phantom 3 power on it would continiously beep beep beep. So later after opening it I found a big issue which was the flight recording and "main board" was broken from all of its solder joints. 

  • After noticing a pulled pad which was fit with a jumper wire, it would not read the battery voltage and thus caused no flights or motor spin. After it was found to be a bad solder joint, it was fixed and all was well with the p3 reading the battery info.

  • But the fight was not over! After going through testing, it did not acquire gps, although it had been outside when tested. After seeing the damage to the top gps module on the casing it was obvious this was damaged when the black box came loose and hit the top housing.

After testing with a known good gps module it was successfully working! After about 2 hours of course.


If you are in need of any DJI Phantom 1, 2, 3 or 4 drone repairs give us a call at (802)448-0403


If your phantom 3 goes beep beep beep on startup after a crash then you know this is typically the problem.


iPhone 6 Backlight Repairs

Recently at Wires Computing, we had an iPhone 6 come into the shop that had been wet. The customer tried the rice repair method that has been disproven many times.

After 12 hrs the phone seemed to turn on due to the vibration as well as the calls and texts the phone received. Regardless of what the internet tells you, the rice method will never work and if it does then it's purely by coincidence. Here is why: when the phone gets wet, all of the surface mount devices (SMD) come into contact with the liquid and short out from the impurities in the water. The contact with water leaves corrosion and this typically causes the SMD components to burn and/or fail.

The iPhone 6 that we had showed signs of life but no display. After replacing the screen with a new one, it still showed no signs of an image. When inspecting the screen in front of a flashlight, a faint image was visible. This confirmed that the phone was on and in fact worked, but had a blown backlight. For this type of repair it would require micro soldering. After checking the filters on the motherboard we found them to have continuity and functioned within specifications. At this point in the backlight circuit we still had a backlight display BGA IC (ball grid array intergrated circuit) as well as a coil and a diode. After checking the coil, which was also found to be within specifications, we then looked to the diode. Below is the picture of the diode under the cpu heatsink.



Finally we had the smoking gun. We located the source of the problem: the backlight diode. The diode was very corroded which resulted in one of the pins to be broken from the current that had gone through the circuit while liquid was in the device.

After spending some time replacing the burned diode we were ready to try and power on the device to see if the backlight circuit would work correctly.

Success! After replacing the burned diode the backlight circuit was finally functional again. This repair only took two business days, we were able to retain all the data on the customer's device, and the customer was very happy to have the device fully functional again.

If you have gotten your phone wet and are in need of liquid damage repairs or micro soldering services be sure to contact us today!

We do accept mail in repairs if you are not local to our repair shop.


Computer Repair Burlington Vermont

Wires Computing offers computer repair services in our burlington vermont repair shop.


We can fix both Windows and Mac computers, we love them both!


Any computer issue is no problem for us, computer doesn't start, flashing question mark folder? 3 Beeps on start-up? We have the solutions for every computer issue!



Most computer repairs take 1-3 business days depending on the repair type. 

  • Virus/Malware Removal
  • Tune-Ups
  • Laptop Cracked Screen Repair
  • Diagnositic
  • Data migration
  • Data recovery
  • System reinstall
  • System restore
  • Wireless install
  • Operating system upgrade
  • Full System Optimization
  • Email setup (POP/IMAP)
  • BSOD repair
  • Laptop keyboard repair
  • File corruption repair
  • Hard Drive defragmentation
  • Memory (RAM) upgrades

Stop by our shop today at 383 College St. Burlington, VT to get your computer repaired! 



iPhone 6 Backlight Repair Service

Do you have an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus with a dim or no backlight on the lcd screen?


If you have an iPhone that has no backlight this can often be the result of an improper screen replacement or previous work done on the iphone motherboard can cause the backlight to suddenly go out. Liquid damage can also cause no backlights on an iPhone.


If you are local to the burlington repair shop you can simply stop by during our business hours and we will get the repair started. If you plan to send in your iphone to get repair thats great! The process to send in your iphone with no backlight is simple, start a ticket on our Send-In-Repair Page we will update you once the device is recevied, and then once again when the device is mailed back to you with a tracking number. This service typically takes 1-2 business days either by send in or local repairs. keep in mind this does not include return shipping transit times. We also offer expedited repairs if needed.


Most iPhone 6 backlight repair services start at $99


Call us for more info!



If you would like to learn more about the types of micro soldering repairs we offer please see our: micro soldering services