.:iPhone 4 Camera Repair:.

Is your iPhone camera not functioning 100%? This can be a very frustrating problem when you’re trying to capture the perfect moment. There can be a number of issues with a camera that isn’t functioning properly. Whether your camera is working intermittently, taking unclear photos, has a cracked or scratch lens, or isn’t working at all, we can fix it, by installing in a new camera module to get out with the old and in with the new!





  • Photos look fuzzy or unclear
  • Camera speed is very slow
  • Camera lens is scratched or cracked
  • Camera function won’t work
  • Errors when opening camera
  • Flashing Green Screen with camera viewer
  • Camera won’t focus


  • STEP 1
Find the repair option that you need below.

  • STEP 2
Add your iPhone color/carrier to your cart, make your payment and checkout.

  • STEP 3
After your payment has been processed and received, you will be directed to a page to complete the shipment process.

iPhone 4 Camera Repair