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Three reasons why our repairs cost what they do. First, most parts on eBay are cheap knockoffs and lack OEM quality. Second, some devices require both the glass and LCD, like the iPhone 5, and need to be purchased as one piece because they are fused together. You may see just the glass on eBay for sale, it's a nothing your average customer can use unless you have the right tools, right glue and proper UV lights. The third reason is, it can be a very difficult repair that takes upwards of 2 hours like the Samsung Galaxy devices. In that case you are paying for labor and experience, rather than the cost of the part.


While some phones can be repaired with just replacement glass, it is a very time-consuming repair and we like to be able to repair a device for our customers very quickly with quality parts rather then saving a little bit of money and spending hours on a repair.

Last updated on February 5, 2015 by Jordan Wires