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The glass part you may find online is NOT the part you need to replace your phone screen. We get this question a lot. The glass part is accompanied by special glue, special molds, special UV lighting and special separators. The glass piece is really meant for manufacturing plants and/or refurbishing companies who can afford to spend time and money on $5,000+ in machines/supplies in order to actually use the cheaper part.


3 Facts about the glass repair on an iPhone screen.


  • It will not repair a damaged Digitizer
  • It will not repair a damaged LCD
  • The cost in labor to install just the glass would exceed the normal repair.


We purchase all of our parts from high quality suppliers that already have the LCD/Digitizer bonded together which makes the repair much quicker and more efficient so that we can get the damaged device back to you much quicker. Replacing the whole front assembly is a higher quality repair then just replacing the glass.

Last updated on August 6, 2016 by Jordan Wires