.:iPhone 4 Home Button Repair:.


  • Has your home button stopped responding to presses an no longer functions?

This repair will fix any issues related to the home [bottom] button not working anymore.

If your Home button isn’t working, it can really impair your iPhone. You won’t be able to navigate through your phone and its many applications. First make sure you have tried turning your phone off and restarting it again. Sometimes a reset or restore will correct the issue. If you’ve tried this and it still won’t fix the problem, you should choose the Home Button Replacement for your iPhone and let wirescomputing repair this for you.


Symptoms Include:

  • Home button function not responsive
  • Home Button is jammed or cracked
  • Home Button works intermittently
  • Home Button is missing



  • STEP 1
Find the repair option that you need below.

  • STEP 2
Add your iPhone color/carrier to your cart, make your payment and checkout.

  • STEP 3
After your payment has been processed and received, you will be directed to a page to complete the shipment process.


Home Button Repair: