Our Team


Kaya Overholtzer(Technician)

Kaya is our go-to technician for all common devices. Some of her favorite repairs are: iPad cracked screens, Pixel and Samsung screens, and performing very involved repairs on Apple Macbooks. Kaya has a background in working retail at a major big box store which she was a certified Samsung Repair Technician. She has been able to use her skills to quickly resolve problems for customers. She loves answering the phones and finding solutions to problems others face. If you’ve ever called in to Wires Computing before you may have even had the pleasure of speaking with her. Kaya recently put some blood, sweat [and tears] into repairing a batch of over 50 phones from one of our business clients. She handled diagnosing/disassembly, as well as accurately keeping track of every device in a database to present the repairs performed and invoice for the client. Kaya is a vital part of our team at Wires Computing and ensures everything is taken care of. She even had a part in designing/creating this very website.

Kaya’s phone of Choice: Google Pixel 3


Jordan Wires (Owner/Operator/Technician)

With 5 years drone experience, Jordan works with drones daily through handling repairs, flying, and drone parts. Along with being business owner, Jordan is our in house drone expert and often travels to trade shows to learn about new technology and part options to bring into the store. Jordan also fills a role as flight instructor for our occasional drone rental customers. Aside from drones, Jordan is a computer repair technician and works to repair everything from cracked phone screens to micro soldering solutions.

Jordan’s Phone of choice: Samsung Galaxy S10e


Dylan Webber(Technician)

Dylan is our jack of all trades technician. He’s one of our most recent addition to our tech team. Most of the days, he spends his time driving around northern Vermont providing our [contracted] mobile repair services. Dylan has expertise in a wide range of devices from iPhone X screen repairs, Laptop repair services, game consoles. He currently holds the record of the fastest PS4 disassembly in under 5mins. This comes in handy for our same-day PS4 HDMI port repairs. Dylan has even recently expanded his repertoire into DJI Drone repairs.

Dylans phone of choice: Samsung Galaxy J3

Nicole Dulac (Marketing)

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Adam Talley (Customer service)

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