Water Damage Repair Services

Dropped your iPhone into the toliet or the lake?

We can save your mobile device after being exposed to liquid!*

If you have important data on your device and need it retrieved we can help you with that.



The best thing to do when getting your phone and/or laptop wet is to resist the urge to turn it on. Don't charge it or plug it into anything. Let it dry out and bring it into our repair shop asap.

Most commonly people think that rice will save a wet phone, which is a mis-nomer. The real cause is shorts and corrosion, rice will never clean corrosion.


We will clean and disassemble the device whether it be an iPhone, iPad, iPod, Macbook, Samsung etc. Then test and replace the damaged parts with new ones. 

The final price depends on which parts need to be replaced. Starting at $99.99 for ultrasonic cleaning. 

 Our cleaner uses sweeping ultrasonic frequencies in a process called cavation which uses bubbles from a combination of chemicals to clean the corrison and trapped contaminants from the circuit board. This process can alleviate shorts to ground often caused by corroded surface mounted components. 



 Most liquid damage repairs take 2-3 business days**






*Please note that any device exposed to liquid may have a premature life and is prone to failure at any point and recovery is never guaranteed. 

**Further testing and parts availability may effect the turn around time of a liquid damaged device 


To proceed with a liquid damage repair service we will require a Liquid Damage Repair Release Waiver to be signed.  Please sign and print out the above form.