iPhone Unlock Services

Do you have an iPhone and are traveling overseas and need your device unlocked to work with another carrier?

At Wires Computing we offer all iphone network unlock services, starting at only $45

The process to unlock your iphone to work with any carrier is straight forward, bring your device into our shop so we can get the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Idenity) number which we will then run through our servers and process the network unlock within 1-6hrs.

After the server has run the network unlock we will then reboot the phone and the phone will then be sim unlocked to work with many other network carriers*

iPhone unlocks do not use a subsidy code and thus are processed on the server side.

We unlock all iPhones from iPhone 6/7/8/X

iPhone SE Unlock

iPhone 6/6 Plus

iPhone 6S/6S Plus

 This service will allow your T-Mobile or AT&T iPhone to work with carriers such as Vodafone, O2, H2O, Straight Talk

Wires Computing also provides unlock services for samsung galaxy and motorola phones as well

*Please note that the phones may be unlocked for voice calls, but some programming may be required to setup data services on iphones.

Give us a call today to unlock your iphone!


Expedited services also available