iPhone 6 Backlight Repair Service

Do you have an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus with a dim or no backlight on the lcd screen?

If you have an iPhone that has no backlight this can often be the result of an improper screen replacement or previous work done on the iPhone motherboard can cause the back light to suddenly go out. Liquid damage can also cause no back lights on an iPhone.

If you are local to the Burlington repair shop you can simply stop by during our business hours and we will get the repair started. If you plan to send in your iphone to get repair that’s great! The process to send in your iphone with no back light is simple, start a ticket on our Send-In-Repair Page we will update you once the device is received, and then once again when the device is mailed back to you with a tracking number. This service typically takes 1-2 business days either by send in or local repairs. keep in mind this does not include return shipping transit times. We also offer expedited repairs if needed.

Most iPhone 6 backlight repair services start at $99

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