DJI Phantom Drone Repairs

A tale of the phantom 3 drone repair...

First it came in as a broken camera. Which is typical for a phantom 3 after a crash, but after replacing the camera it kept beeping as if it were doing a firmware update. During the phantom 3 power on it would continuously beep beep beep. So later after opening it I found a big issue which was the flight recording and "main board" was broken from all of its solder joints. 

  • After noticing a pulled pad which was fit with a jumper wire, it would not read the battery voltage and thus caused no flights or motor spin. After it was found to be a bad solder joint, it was fixed and all was well with the p3 reading the battery info.

  • But the fight was not over! After going through testing, it did not acquire gps, although it had been outside when tested. After seeing the damage to the top gps module on the casing it was obvious this was damaged when the black box came loose and hit the top housing.

After testing with a known good gps module it was successfully working! After about 2 hours of course.

If you are in need of any DJI Phantom 1, 2, 3 or 4 drone repairs give us a call at (802)448-0403

If your phantom 3 goes beep beep beep on startup after a crash then you know this is typically the problem.

DJI Phantom Repair Services

DJI Phantom Repair Services