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“Your iPhone Battery May Need to be Serviced”

For more optimal battery life, one might want to replace their battery yearly, especially people living in colder climates. It's one of the cheaper services that are offered and can help to maintain proper phone function as well as prevent some of the damage that can be caused by a battery going bad (i.e. bloating up and cracking your LCD).

Technicians at Wires Computing replace batteries (and charging ports) daily, and would be more than happy to assist you in servicing your phone. No appointment needed— feel free to just drop in during our regular business hours.

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iPhone battery symbol not charging

Having a phone that won’t charge or turn on is one thing, but knowing that there’s a chip inside that’s damaged and preventing it from turning on is an entirely different frustration. But, knowing is half the battle, both when it comes to the cables being used and the steps needed to fix it. Did you ever suffer from an iPhone  that wouldn’t turn on, or charge over 1%?

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How to fix iPhone battery shutting off in cold

Apple specifies that their batteries work best at a range of 0 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius. While we almost never reach the upper range in Canada, temperatures below freezing are typical for the winer months.

Because the battery meter is calibrated assuming warmer temperatures, the reduced capacity in the cold can cause the reading to be unreliable. This is one of the reasons your phone may die while still showing 30%.

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