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iPad Cracked Screen Repairs

Got an iPad with a cracked screen? Wires Computing can fix that for you!

iPad screen repairs generally take 1-2 business days for completion due to the type of repair that is needed on these devices.

We repair all iPad screens from iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air 1/2, iPad Mini, iPad Pro

We use original parts unlike the cheap ipad repairs you find online. The reason our repairs take 1-2 days is due to the premium quality adhesive required to adhere the glass digitzer back to the frame so you dont have lifting problems after the repair. The curing time is required for a quality repair on the ipad.

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MacBook Pro Screen Repairs

Most macbook glass screen repairs start at only $150 (+tax) and will not delete any information on your computer during the repair process. 

If your LCD is cracked under the glass then you might need an additional part to fix your computer, either way we offer all repairs for macbooks and macbook pros. Trust the pros at Wires Computing to repair all your computer needs. 

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iPad Screen Repairs

If you've dropped your precious ipad mini, air or other ipad and the screen has cracked or has lines in the image we can fix that! No need to worry about anything. 

Bring your ipad to our repair shop and we will repair and replace a cracked digitizer or broken lcd on your apple ipad.

We use high quality parts and offer a warranty on the whole repair from start to finish. Most ipad repairs take only 1-2 business days and will look like new when finished!

We also offer many other repairs for the ipads including charger ports, button repairs, battery replacements, camera replacements, and much more! To see an up to date price list of the repairs we offer check out the iPad Repair Page

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