What to do to avoid computer viruses

Just a few simple steps to avoid the hassle. 


  • Stop clicking everything you see! It is the internet, not everything you see is a safe thing to click. Your mind is surrounded by a million links a day. You see a lot of those online when you are just casually checking your email. Yes, some of those links are real, for example if you have been searching for Vermont iPhone repairs then you will see more links directing you to some. But sometimes those links lead to something you are not really wanting and you end up with a virus! and you may not always know that when its going on. Be careful and smart, choose wisely.


  • Speaking of checking your emails, I hope you know that you are not that popular to have over 50 emails from all real people. Do not get excited and start clicking on all those links that you get. "Check out this cute puppy" or "How to get more miles per gallon" NO! not real and they are purposely trying to get your attention to bring you to a spam site. What you should do if you start to see your getting emails like that, find the spam button and click! Hopefully soon your email will recognize its a bad email and you will stop getting them. I think we all can agree its frusterating when your waiting for an important email and then it says, one new email, AND IT'S SPAM! Your welcome for lowering your stress level.


  • When an ad comes up saying you have 172 viruses that this random program can take care of for you, your like yes! why would I want viruses. But STOP! not every program that pops up is one you want to be using, some are fake. It may be depressing realizing how hard it seems to be to just have a virus free computer. Reality check, it's not that complicated. Stick to one program you know and trust and DO NOT click on any other one.


Now that you know it's not as hard as it seems, be smart and live a happy virus free life!

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