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Why Apple is NOT a repair company


Most customers who own an Apple macbook or idevice assume that because apple manufactures said device then they are able to also fix and repair any issue they may encounter with said device.


"Apple is a innovative sales company, not a repair company"



  Lets first state the what many may forget. Apple is a innovative sales company, not a repair company. The primary business model for Apple inc. is to design, manufactuer and create new solutions for its end users with a consistent flow to its product line. 


The Apple Store is just that, a store to showcase it's products and new deisgns.  "In 2015, there were 463 Apple stores worldwide. Since the opening of the first Apple store in the United States in 2001, the number of Apple stores around the world has boomed, surpassing 200 stores after 2007 and still rising."


Apple does employ what's called "Geniuns Bars" in all stores, but often times the employees are not fully versed in repairs or informed of all the current issues with every device. The "Technicians" working at the genius bars are often times middle men for sales or gate keepers for the many polices apple instills to try and discourage repairs for a more profitable option of selling the customer a new device. The genius bar employees often act as support staff for its many customers to help and inform them of better usage habbits.

Going to a genius bar you will have to first have to schedule an appointment typically a few days out. As a customer if you choose to get an issue looked at they will first use the elgibile or ineligible chart to determine what category you fall into for a swap. This will often lead to you not getting your issue fixed. All apple devices have what's called a LDI sticker (Liquid Damage Indicator) which is made of litmus paper; used to indicate the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. Blue litmus paper turns red under acid conditions, and red litmus paper turns blue under alkaline conditions. This may mean that if you are trying to get your phone replaced or "fixed" and you got one spill of liquid or brought your phone with you running and got enough moisture to trip the sensor you may be denied for any service even if they are completly unrelated. 


Want to get your cracked screen replaced but have a small ding or dent in the frame you may have to shell out a lot more for what OOW swap which may cost between $200-$300 for something that should cost less than $100.


These strict guidelines are often very frustrating and hard to work with. Most devices after 6-8 months of time will surely develop dings, dents and scratches from daily use. 

Take for example the well known and documented iPhone 7 Series Audio IC Fault which shows itself in millions of phones. Apple was "aware" of the issue for a short period of time and began to offer replacements but only if the device was "elgible" according to their guidelines. Unbeknownst to the users they were simply swapping a defective iphone 7 for another defective iphone 7.  As of July 2018 they stopped offering this option. 

See more info about our repair service for this here: https://www.microsolderingrepairs.com/blog/iphone7soundrepair

Another well known and documented issue is the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices that had touch problems after about a year of usage. This was later confirmed to be caused by a weak frame and bending the motherboard causing pads under a "Touch IC" chip U2402 (aka Meson)

Once apple identified the issue with your phone they may replace it with another, but they certainly are not going back and re-desiging the phone to make it better and stronger. This would usually mean the device you got replaced may end up with the same problem in a few months time.

Technicians at Wires Computing offer this repair for anyone regardless of time or condition of the device. As part of the repair process we re-enforce the chip with a metal plate and small jumper wires to ensure this problem will not rear its ugly head. Apple does not have the logistics setup to repair each and every device.


"Apple does not have the logistics setup to repair each and every device."


See more info about our repair service for this here: https://www.microsolderingrepairs.com/blog/iphone6plustouchdisease


Have an iMac or macbook that needs repair? Well you better be ready to commit to a long drawn out process. Often times local stores will not have every part for all devices, meaning it will be sent out to a "service center" which can take weeks. This will often result in them replacing parts for no need or sending a unit in similair condition. often times without retaining the users data.


 Take for examle Snazzy Labs trying to get his iMac VESA stand fixed, which resulted in many days of back and forth, much confusion and empty promises.


Louis Rossman also took some time to compete with a genius bar and see if an Independant third party repair can offer better, proper repair services.


Apple will often try to claim that any third party repairs will void any warranty provided by them. As of 1975 the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act was created to fix problems as a result of manufacturers using disclaimers on warranties in an unfair or misleading manner. Warrantors cannot require that only branded parts be used with the product in order to retain the warranty. This is commonly referred to as the "tie-in sales" provisions and is frequently mentioned in the context of third-party computer parts, such as memory and hard drives.

In conclusion, apple is a sales company. They focus on sales and hitting record profit numbers with every product release. They do support their customer base, but not in the way you may think. Often times jumping through hoops and in the end getting the same broken, flawed product as before.


iPhone 6 Long Screw Damage

During the disassembly process of the iPhone 6 you remove a plate with 5 screws holding the Digitizer, LCD, Front Camera Flex, and Home Button Flex to the board. During this process it is very important to keep the screws in the right spot that they were removed from.




The top 2 screws (shown in orange and yellow) screw into the frame and/or stand-off screws. The 3 screws in the bottom triangle are sitting atop the motherboard milimeters above very tiny traces that can be breached if a longer screw is used, hence the name "long screw damage". This is often caused by in-experienced technicians and/or Do-It-Yourselfers who failed to accurately keep track of the screws.

When this type of damage is done, the only method to repair the phone is micro soldering with a microscope. It is very signifigant and often times can completly ruin the phone. The symptoms of this damage is often: blue screen on start up, red screen on boot, no backlight, no image on boot, phone still vibrates but no image on screen.

After dissassembling the device and inspecting the screw posts under a microscope we can see the long screw has breached the motherboard on the bottom left screw.




  • After spending some time carefully removing the screw post we can inspect and see that 3 traces have been cut short and no longer connect. 
  • During this repair the person working to resolve the issue needs to mind the thicker traces that have vias which go between the board layers, also separating the ground planes near other circuits.





  • In order to repair this, very tiny jumpers thinner then human hair are needed
  • You will also need ZXW Tools USB dongle to find the correct traces and repair the cuts



After the repair is performed you can see the very delicate jumpers that connect the traces to each other to allow the signals to flow between components. 

This repair is very complex and does not always end up with success. Next time you want to save a few dollars on a repair by trying to replace a cracked iphone 6 screen yourself, stop and take it to the professionals first. This repair starts at $145 and this does not include the screen repair. When a screen repair would have only been $115 for 30mins, this repair would end up costing about $200 and 3-4 business days for testing and repair. 

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ZXW Tools USB Dongle Repair

Do you work on logic boards and/or motherboards and need schematics?


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iPhone Cracked Screen Replacements

The screen on your iPhone consists of multiple parts that allow for you to be able to see the display as well as use your fingers to touch the screen to type, scroll through pages, and so forth. When you drop your phone different or multiple parts of the screen can break which can cause the screen to show damage differently. The most obvious is when the glass layer of the screen breaks causing the glass to break into splinters or shatters. This often can affect the touch aspects of the screen (the digitizer) which is physically located the layer below the glass. Signs that the digitizer is broken includes but is not limited to; screen and phone not registering or sensing touch and randomly typing or registering touch when no touch was applied. A less common part of the screen that can stop functioning or break is the backlight (LED). This can cause the screen to appear dim or not show or display at all. Often when you can hear notifications coming in however your screen is not displaying, your backlight or your LCD is broken. 

No matter which part of your screen is cracked or broken or damaged we can replace and fix it for you so it works and looks like new! Call or visit our website for our hours and current pricing! We will install a new iphone screen on all models iPhones: 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, and 6S versions. If you are looking where to get an iphone fixed?

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