iPhone Battery Swollen Fix

5c battery swell.jpg

Do you have an iPhone 5, 5C or iPhone 6 that has decreased battery life and is now puffy and swollen to the point it has pushed your screen out and even cracked it?

iphone bloated battery.jpg

This is a typical issue faced with mobile devices that have lithium ion polymer batteries.

Every iPhone device has a Li-ion battery inside and eventually it will need to be replaced. Typically most batteries are only rated at about 600-700 charge cycles, after or even before this time the battery life will be much shorter then it used to be. It may also get a bit warm as the cells inside the battery wear out.

A cycle is considered when a charge from <5% - 100%

Occassionly when the cells get worn out from so many charge and discharge cycles it can swell up in the phone causing it to damage or even crack the screen.

Unfortunately when this happends, not only does the battery need to be replaced, but the lcd screen assembly as well. When the screen is being pushed out it will crack and ruin the sensitive under part of the screen which can often result in no image on the device also.

If you need a battery replacement on your mobile device or iPhone, be sure to contact us today for this repair which takes no more then 30mins. No appointments are needed and we stock many iphone and batteries in house to allow for fast repairs!