iPhone Cracked Screen Replacements

The screen on your iPhone consists of multiple parts that allow for you to be able to see the display as well as use your fingers to touch the screen to type, scroll through pages, and so forth. When you drop your phone different or multiple parts of the screen can break which can cause the screen to show damage differently. The most obvious is when the glass layer of the screen breaks causing the glass to break into splinters or shatters. This often can affect the touch aspects of the screen (the digitizer) which is physically located the layer below the glass. Signs that the digitizer is broken includes but is not limited to; screen and phone not registering or sensing touch and randomly typing or registering touch when no touch was applied. A less common part of the screen that can stop functioning or break is the backlight (LED). This can cause the screen to appear dim or not show or display at all. Often when you can hear notifications coming in however your screen is not displaying, your backlight or your LCD is broken. 

No matter which part of your screen is cracked or broken or damaged we can replace and fix it for you so it works and looks like new! Call or visit our website for our hours and current pricing! We will install a new iphone screen on all models iPhones: 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, and 6S versions. If you are looking where to get an iphone fixed?

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